43 fail and fail and fail again

I came across these words in a book by Seth Godin and I thought they’d make a great book title.

We hear a lot about learning from failure these days.  This is good to hear.  Failure is how everyone who has done anything has learnt what to do next.  When the inspirational speaker gets to their feet we don’t want to hear how they succeeded; the really helpful stuff is how they failed and failed before making a breakthrough: what it felt like, how they grew stronger, how their imaginations grew, and how their intuition developed small step by small step.

Anyone can fail.

The trick is to fail forward.

To fail in such a way as to have momentum for the next step.  Reflection is critical to this.  When feedback comes our way, to be able to listen and know how to unpick this, to catch what’s valuable and to let go of what isn’t.  Taking small steps to build things means you’re able to see everything.

We’re ready to try again.

SOMETHING TO DO: Identify someone you admire and ask them for an hour of their time so you can ask them about what they are learning about failure.

Hunch by Bernadette Jiwa
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


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