42 prototype

I hope you’ve discovered many things about yourself on the way.  I especially hope that some things have been felt by you more than others, their energy highlighting for you that this and not that is something important for you to pursue.

To know is not enough.  To know and to feel is not enough.  We have to know, to feel, and to do.  Now the aim is to do something sooner rather than later.  We don’t wait for everything to be worked out but we take one small thing and try it out.  We may fail but we also learn.  We learn quickly about what works and what doesn’t.  We change things and we start over.  It’s still not the finished thing but we’re moving and already growing.

This is prototyping.  In Theory U, it is the journey from fear to courage.    It’s not even version 1.0.  In the U it’s 0.8.  Rather than all or nothing, it’s about small testable steps.  Take a step, the horizon changes.  Take another step, it changes again.  Don’t do anything and you’re guaranteed nothing will change.

Now you have begun.

SOMETHING TO DO: Identify some small thing that you can do in the next three days to explore your idea or dream.

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers


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