41 we are human becomings

My friend Alex McManus points out that inhumane is an interesting word.  We don’t say of other species, they’re intiger, or inporpoise.  Yet we use this term for ourselves as if we know we can do better.  We know we can become more than this.

It will be something we explore and develop in relation to one another.  When a group I was part of was asked by Alex What does it man to you to be human? one person responded “I am not human; we are human,” sweeping his arm around the group.

I think he was right, though there are as many responses to this question as there are people.  Becoming more human happens as we explore the relationships between us.  I also believe becoming more human will be wrapped around servanthood, not in our getting but in our giving.

SOMETHING TO DO: Try answering the question Alex asked: What does it mean to you to be human?  It took me two weeks of pondering.  My response has stayed with me ever since as something I try aspire to daily.

More Than Human by Ramez Naam
More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon – a novel


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