40 we are a city of voices

Voxtropolis means “city of voices” – from the Latin vox and Greek tropolis.  It is a creative community I have helped curate and it has three goals: to provide a platform for creativity, to help members to discover their voice (their talents and art), and to support a cause.

It is a concept and value as much as a community, holding out that everyone should have opportunity to find and use their “voice.”

There are many voices needing to be heard, each one unique.  We enjoy impersonators for making us believe they are someone else, but when it comes to real life we want people to be authentically themselves.  Rob Bell tells of when his therapist told him that the world didn’t need a repeat of someone else’s life but to see his life for the first time.

If you have been following this narrative as you’ve coloured the doodles then you too are a part of this city of voices, and you are able to include others, too.  I would say for VOX, “we are finding our voices so others may find theirs,” but I think it’s really, “we are finding our voices by helping others find theirs.”

SOMETHING TO DO: Each person’s voice is unique.  You may like to try bringing the different elements of yours together.  Your values, questions, talents, passions, communities, and purpose.

The Truth About You by Marcus Buckingham
Sex God by Rob Bell


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