36 mutual, i’m sure

“Mutual, I’m Sure” is the fifth of our six doodles exploring principles found in nature which lead to flourishing.  If something isn’t flourishing then it is likely that something is missing or getting in the way.

The earth’s ecoculture is made up of innumerable series of overlapping symbiotic relationships

The line from the doodle is also delivered by Doris to Bing Crosby’s character Bob Wallace in White Christmas when she’s asked, “How do you do?”  Doris hasn’t got it all wrong.  We do better when we are in a mutual relationship with others.  Symbiotic relationships occur when at least two dissimilar organisms live together in a mutually beneficial relationship, as opposed to competition and monoculture, as in My solution’s better than yours, or, I did it my way. 

Some of the best solutions are a combination of two or more ideas from two or more people.  Indeed, some of the most significant figures in modern history have been aided and abetted by an important other: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Elon Musk and Michael Eberhard.  All scientists know they benefit from those who have gone before.

We grow stronger individually when we work with others.  I’m an introvert and I still believe this.

SOMETHING TO DO: Is there someone else or a group of people who can help you pursue something you’d love to do.  meetup.com is a place where you can often find groups, or you may wish to begin your own.  In his book The Accidental Universe, Alan Lightman tells of a scientists and theatricals meetup at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  They chat generally for twenty minutes and then fall upon a subject everyone wants to explore – a symbiotic experience.

The Accidental Universe by Alan Lightman


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