35 waste not want not

“Waste not want not” is the fourth of six doodles exploring principles found in nature which lead to flourishing.  If something is not flourishing then it is likely that something is missing or getting in the way.

Nature doesn’t waste anything.  Even our atoms are recycled in various ways.  Waste is a human invention, a human product.  The darkest expression of this is when we deem people as waste, but people are not a “waste of space,” or garbage, or worse.  Everyone’s competencies and passions and experiences of life are valuable when used in their best and most positive ways.

Energy is most clearly observed through a person’s competency (abilities and experience) and passion (imagination and innovation).  If you create a chart in which x = competency and y = passion, with low and high for each, the four quadrants are low passion/low competency, low passion/high competency, high passion, low competency, and, high passion/high competency.

Nothing is wasted.  Remember our graph from the twelfth doodle.

With quadrants for high and low competency, and high and low passion.

LOW COMPETENCY/LOW PASSION (these are the things you need to delegate to others – someone will love what you do not);
LOW COMPETENCY/HIGH PASSION (you need to learn more about these things);
HIGH COMPETENCY/LOW PASSION (here are things you can teach to others);
HIGH COMPETENCY/HIGH PASSION (these are the things you must do – you don’t give these things away; time to explore these more).

The deeper truth in this is, none of the things that have happened in our lives are waste.  We can treat them all as valuable.

SOMETHING TO DO:  Go over your story from the last doodle and look for the things that you are able to use in new ways.

The Decision Book by by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler
The Edge by Michael Heppell
The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge


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