19 now we’re zooming

Zooming is the word Seth Godin gives to taking our art even further.  This journey isn’t about developing different talents but furthering those we’ve developed over so many years, awakening passions that make our hearts beat faster, but also making sense of the experiences of our lives in ways that are new for the present, towards creating a better future.

Sometimes it can be our difficult experiences of the past that become the thing we have to do something about.  This is how it has been for me.  Twenty years ago, there wasn’t the kind of help and support to help me answer questions about what I was good at and needed to focus on?

Zooming is about continuing in our curiosity and interests.  It’s about more of what we love and more of who we are.  We’re heading in the same direction but now we’re strapped to a rocket engine like Matt Damon in The Martian in that we can now cover greater distances and do more: perseverance is about being constantly alert to possible movements forward.

Richard Rohr writes about how the first half of our life is about building a container and the second half is about filling it.  It’s not a strict chronological thing.  Whenever you are reading this in life, now  is the time something can begin.  If I might mix metaphors, we make the road by walking.  It is something we can be growing all the time.

SOMETHING TO DO: We come to a time of reflection, so with your journal, record how far you have come since beginning to colour in the doodles: in your thinking, your feeling of energy, and the things you have tried to do as a result.  These are expressions of zooming, and you can take them further and further.

A Resilient Life by Gordon MacDonald
Falling Upward by Richard Rohr


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