18 this is it … convergence

Convergence is a meaningful coming together of what has been emerging for us out of our divergent exploring.  It involves our skills and talents, our passions and dreams, and the experiences in life that have shaped us significantly.

It’s where we find our “crystalising intent,” as Otto Scharmer identifies it, our Element as Ken Robinson names it, our Must as my friend Alex McManus proffers.

If we’d tried to arrive here sooner it would have looked quite different.  As it is, we’ve considered far more and know more about ourselves than before.  We have also noticed how important identifying our energy is – how our whole life is telling us about what’s important and meaningful.

Had we tried to rush things – not spent so much time being divergent, or noticing the emergent – there would still have been lots to reflect on and choose over.  But going slower, learning how to see, exploring how to feel, means we now have so many more details to work with – about how we relate, think, action things, and influence.

These provide us with all kinds of ideas and possibilities to try out.  Converging involves prototyping, something we’ll return to in the doodles.  This involves identifying ways of putting into practice what we have been discovering, but in small ways so that we are able to learn, fail, and hone.  It is not about taking big risks and huge leaps but small steps.

SOMETHING TO TRY: If you’re up for some prototyping, take your three strength statements and imagine and shape some small way for expressing each of these.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accomplish one of these experiments per week for the next three weeks.

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna
The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna (short essay and free pdf)


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