beginning slow journeys: an introduction

Slow journeys in the same direction is a phrase I have found myself often using to describe my life.  Some people seem to get to where they want to be very quickly, but not me.  In some ways, it’s taken more than twenty years to arrive here.  There have been many countless experiences and challenges along the way, different places visited that have been significant, loads of new ideas encountered and, especially, the many people I’ve met who have helped me.   

I could so have ended up somewhere else but I didn’t.  I’m here and it feels right for where the journey has always being leading me.

Doodling has been something I’ve recently added to this journeying.  I intended it to be a degree of difficulty to an intention I had to blog every day for a year.   That was 2014 and, at the time of writing this in 2017, I haven’t stopped.  Every day I write something about what is trying to catch my attention and I add a doodle, sometimes very simple, sometimes more complex.  I can probably now say, I am a doodler.

All of the places I’m about to describe have actually existed in a mythical sense for me.  Slow Journeys in the Same Direction is an invitation to join me on a journey revisiting many of these.

Many of the forty-five doodles can take up to two or three hours to colour in, so you’ll be able to stay awhile, if you desire, accompanied by the words in these posts.  I hope you hear and develop your own story as you colour, seeing this for the slow journey it is.  I’d certainly love to hear your stories.  By the way, far fewer people than we think get to where they want to be quickly.

In the movie The Matrix, Trinity learns to fly a helicopter in a matter of seconds by having the appropriate file downloaded to her.  I love this movie but life doesn’t work in this way.  Flying isn’t only head knowledge – it’s body knowledge, involving heart and gut and muscles in sync.

We have to slow things down if we’re to hear what our lives are saying to us.  This is the place we journey to first of all.

SOMETHING TO DO: Each doodle is accompanied by something to do.  As you begin, you may want to devote yourself to your journey in a way you feel most appropriate and natural.  I’ve written for everyone because I’ve benefited from so many different people.  Some have faith worldviews, others have humanist, ateleological perspectives, but each is deeply human and all are spiritual.

RESOURCES YOU MAY ENJOY: There’ll also be books and other resources suggested on each page.  I hope to build these up as new titles and sources come to mind.  The links will take you to a neat idea for buying books called Hive – if you have your book delivered to a local bookshop, Hive will pay a little to that store; if I haven’t been able to find the book at Hive, I’ve connected the link to Book Depository.

Here’s a start:
Drawn Together Through Visual Practice edited by Brandy Agerback, Kelly Bird, Sam Bradd, and Jennifer Shepherd
The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown
TEDtalk: Doodlers Unite! by Sunni Brown

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