10 now that’s what i call interesting

There are many things we love and enjoy, but some things will hold our attention more than others.

A great place to begin going deeper involves the things which already catch our attention.  What is this for you?

Is there something on your list of 100 Things I Love that really stands out for you and you can find out more about?

Here are four things someone once told me to do:
Read as much as you can (and/or watch TED talks, or listen to podcasts);
Attend workshops, seminars, and conferences – many of these are free and online, and can be worked through at a pace
that suits you best.
Ask someone who’s interested in the same thing as you are for an hour to share what they’re doing – buy them their coffee
or tea, maybe even some cake.
Do something to put into action what you’re discovering – something small enough to learn from and to be able to improve
and  try again.

I found myself doing these things more and more, coming across others doing the same kind of things and moving along in their journeys, and little by little I began to see the things which really interested me, whereas before I couldn’t see one thing for another.

SOMETHING TO DO: Identify from your list what really stands out for you.  How can you find out more about this using the four things mentioned above?  As with the other things from your slow journey, use your journal to record and reflect.

The following are websites hosting free talks and courses, as well as low-cost courses:
plus acumen.org


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