38 to infinity and beyond

Buzz Lightyear encourages us to explore “infinity and beyond.”  We are increasingly living in times when this is possible.

“To Infinity and Beyond” introduces us to what lies beyond much of what we have been imagining and exploring so far.  We explore these things because of what James Carse makes visible in his book Finite and Infinite Games.

Life is an infinite game, the goals of which are characterised by including as many as possible for as long as possible and when the rules threaten either of these – by starting to exclude or to bring the game to a conclusion – then the rules are changed.

The other game is the finite game.  Basically this includes certain people with the goal of hitting a deadline.  It is always played by the rules that were drawn up at the outset.

Infinite players know that sometimes they must play finite games – at work, in sport, or paying their taxes.  Finite players find it difficult to see that there is a greater game that means everyone is equal and ought to have the opportunity to do something with the only life they will have to live.

SOMETHING TO DO: What could an infinite game look like for you?  One marked by including people for as long as possible doing the things they love?  Who could you want to include and to what end?

Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse.


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