32 today is our interdependance day

The next six doodles explore principles found in nature which lead to flourishing.  If something is not flourishing then it is probable that something is missing or getting in the way.  I’ve found myself wondering how these natural, or biotic, principles may well help us to develop something termed “complexapacity,” the human ability to deal with complexity.

Interdependence understands the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.  We are nature before we live in nature.

Our interdependence doodle understands we are stronger together.  All of nature is connected.  If we cut down trees, the land can flood, remove the plants from a slope and the soil can slip away.  In our lives, something that happens in one aspect of our lives can affect others.

When we’re young we express deep dependence on those who care for us.  As we grow older we  become increasingly independent realising ourselves to be individuals, but maturity lies in connecting our uniqueness with the uniqueness of others in a dynamic, interdependent way.  And not only with other people but with our environment, too.

Psychologist Erich Fromm suggests that interdependence doesn’t mean we are equal or the same in our contribution, rather we can be one in our diversity.  A friend and mentor has said that the wise person learns from everything and everyone.  We need each other.  Life lived interdependently is stronger.

SOMETHING TO DO: Identify a change in your life – a relationship, a job, a financial change, et cetera – and, on a sheet of blank paper, mind-map everything that was affected to see how just how far change can spread, even though we may not notice.

Natural Church Development by Christian Schwarz
The Art of Listening by Erich Fromm


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