29 fear! i mean, scary or what?

Fear is the third and final threshold to be crossed if we are to make progress in our three quests for honour, nobility, and enlightenment.

To move from opening our hearts to opening our wills will call us to let go of certain things and to let others come if we are to move from feeling something significantly to doing something about it.  This is a movement from fear to courage.

Fear is loss averse, more interested in what we might lose than what might be gained.   It underestimates you and what you have been discovering about yourself and how much you have accomplished.  It thinks in terms of all or nothing when really we continue to make progress by testing the water, prototyping, experimenting, thereby mitigating risk.

Moving from fear to courage simply means acting in the direction of our lives, that we are taking hold of some purpose that is greater than us.  Opening our will involves not only courage but also generosity – we have so much to give, and, wisdom – it’s not what we know but the life we live.

An open will is essential for exploring the universe of possibilities because it turns ideas and theory into practice and delivery.  Wallace Stevens would say it is where the pressure of reality meets the power of imagination.

The opposite of an opening will is one that is increasingly destructive in it encounters with others and,ultimately can be self-destructive.

SOMETHING TO DO: Having had the conversation with the person who inspired you to find out about something that would not normally be of interest to you, was there anything in this that made you consider working together on some task, or sent you away to think you had to do something about (…)?

V is for Vulnerable by Seth Godin


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